YOR Health Products Team Weighs in on Wealth-Health Connection

YOR Health Products

At the beginning of 2010, the U.S. unemployment rate was hovering around 10 percent, according to the YOR Health Products Team. With more than 15 million American citizens out of work, the economic future of the country appeared to be in dire straits. A June 2010 study commissioned by The Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed some troubling statistics about long-term unemployment: 4 in 10 respondents had been jobless for at least seven months. Bankruptcies and foreclosures throughout the U.S. prompted even more concern from government and business officials, recalls the YOR Health Products Team.

The risks of recovery in the U.S. have remained prominent and continue to shape consumer attitudes. With the struggling housing market as an anchor weighing down many Americans, it has become increasingly difficult to attain the solid foundation of past generations. These economic issues are not only affecting residents of the United States, observes the YOR Health Products Team. Europe’s ongoing debt crisis has threatened some of the continent’s most viable industries.

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YOR Tall Shaker Cups Are the Perfect Home for YOR Health Products

YOR Health

For today’s consumers of YOR Health products, an exhilarating new development from the trend-setting company provides even more inspiration to stay fit and active.


YOR Health is happy to share details about the new YOR Tall Shaker Cup. With this exciting accessory in the YOR Health products line, the company has developed an on-the-go cup that fits into most cup holders. Compared with shorter models, the YOR Tall Shaker Cup holds more of the great-tasting YOR Health products that consumers have grown to love. Plus, cleaning is a breeze with the cup’s glossy surface. That means less time in the kitchen for cleanup.


The cup’s shiny and lustrous appearance demonstrates that the YOR Tall Shaker Cup is beautiful as well as convenient. On quick trips to the gym, the library or the post office, take along delicious YOR Health products such as YOR Berry Blast or other familiar favorites.

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The YOR Best Body 8-Week Challenge

The YOR Best Body 8-Week Challenge has improved the overall health and well-being of the YOR Health community in a variety of ways, says the YOR Health Products team. The YOR Best Body 8-Week Challenge is a golden opportunity for members of the YOR Health family to look and feel their best. Participants can drop pounds while developing muscle, all in a friendly, competitive format that encourages community among all consumers of YOR Health products.

Two dozen participants are granted prizes on a monthly basis for their achievements during the previous 8-Week Cycle. Participants are separated into one of a quartet of categories. The Slim and Sculpt divisions are available for both male and female contestants.

In order to demonstrate their results, participants are asked to present the YOR Health Products team with a series of photos demonstrating the progress they’ve made. Editing photos is strictly forbidden. More details about the photo requirements can be found on the YOR Health website.

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YOR Health Introduces the New Tall YOR Best Body Shaker Cup

YOR Health

YOR Health products such as YOR SuperGreens, YOR Berry Blast and YOR Shake are even more delicious with the Tall YOR Best Body Shaker Cup. Compared with previous models, the Tall YOR Best Body Shaker Cup can hold twice as much of these premium YOR Health products. For consumers of YOR Health products, the new cup is a dream come true.

Q: What is the Tall YOR Best Body Shaker Cup made from?

YOR Health Products Team: It’s made solely of BPA-free plastic, with a patented design that makes it completely original in today’s marketplace.

Q: Can you describe the design of the Tall YOR Best Body Shaker Cup?

YOR Health Products Team: The cup is glossy, pearlescent and totally sleek, meaning that consumers can enjoy simple cleaning and easy mixing of all YOR Health products.

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YOR Health Shares Discoveries in Yosemite

YOR Health

Discovery was the shared experience for the attendees of the 2011 YOR Health annual getaway in Yosemite National Park.

From the early stages of planning, YOR Health co-founder Dennis Wong had a mind to design a trip in which each attendee would discovery commonality with Independent Reps from around the world.  For the customers and IR’s of YOR Health, this was a total bonding experience designed for team-building, fun, adventure, and self-discovery.

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YOR Health Conversation with Andres Ospina


Andres Ospina, a resident of Greenwich, Connecticut, was born to a family of immigrants and grew up understanding the disparity between his own family’s life and the upper-middle class lifestyles of suburban Connecticut. It was that contrast, juxtaposed against the struggles of his own family that gave Andres the drive to excel and to find a real meaning and purpose to his life. Today, YOR Health talks to Andres Ospina about his life and his experiences. 

YOR Health: Andres, tell us about your family and your early life. 

Andres Ospina: I was born and raised in the suburbs of Connecticut to an immigrant Colombian family. My mother was a housekeeper and my father a driver. Their hopes were to raise just one son, who would be one of the first few to get a complete college education and matching career. 

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YOR Health Conversation with Alex Euan & Laura Lozano


Alex Euan and Laura Lozano, both from Monterrey in the northern provinces of Mexico, put a great deal of time and effort into their educations and careers. Still, as time went on, they felt there was something missing in their lives. After years on an unsatisfying treadmill of careers and obligations, something had to give. Recently, YOR Health spoke with Alex and Laura about the paths their lives have taken.

YOR Health: Tell us a little about your backgrounds and what led up to your connection with YOR Health.

It’s only been 4 years with YOR Health, but our lives have already
changed tremendously. We both come from traditional Mexican families, where studying a professional career and working hard were the lessons we learned from our parents. Thanks to their efforts, we were able to graduate from dentistry and then earn Master’s Degrees in orthodontics. After finishing school, we went on to work, feeling confident that with our foundation and our studies, life would be easy, that we would never face financial problems and that we would be able to fulfill all of our dreams. Reality, however, could not have been more different.

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YOR Health Convenience Set: Filled with Happiness

YOR Health

Success doesn’t always come easy, but the YOR Health Convenience Set can put you and your customer one step ahead of the rest! The YOR Health Convenience Set is the simplest and most convenient way to enjoy YOR Health premium quality health products.

How the YOR Health Convenience Set Benefits Customers

YOR Health customers want to see results, and the best way to deliver results is to make sure they are taking the products every day. Remember, the best results come from general consistency over an extended period of time. Key customer benefits include:

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Go Blue World Tour China: YOR Health Top Performers Share Experience


YOR Health top performers embarked on an exclusive trip to visit China and take in examples of both its vast history and its newer modern marvels.

YOR Health continues the ultimate travel experience with its second annual stop on the YOR Health World Tour. This year’s trip brought all qualifying Blue Diamonds and above to the People’s Republic of China. Rich with history and culture, the YOR Health nine-day tour of the global powerhouse was filled with food, fun, and enriching cultural experiences.

The Sights of the Sites

The YOR Health Tour made stops at three iconic cities in China: Beijing, Xian, and Shanghai. Each city offered its own unique personality and historically-significant landmarks. The YOR Health group toured the Forbidden City, climbed the Great Wall, saw the Terra Cotta soldiers, and bowed in Buddhist temples. The YOR Health travelers were thrilled by the Shanghai skyline, and more. The YOR Health Blue Diamonds were held in awe as they got to see places and things some had wanted to see their whole life.

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YORHealth Says Diet Is Key to Overall Fitness


Change your eating habits

According to the co-founder of YORHealth Dennis Wong, eating 4-6 small meals per day will keep metabolism elevated and provide the body a steady stream of nutrients. Even if your lifestyle is busy, try to avoid eating while reading, watching TV, or other activities that will distract you from feeling full, says Dennis Wong of YORHealth. Eating slowly gives the body an opportunity to digest food properly, explains the YORHealth team.  Allow at least 20 minutes for the body to signal that the stomach is full, according to Dennis Wong of YORHealth. The YORHealth team suggests YOR Digestive Enzymes for better digestion.

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